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Bitcoin Breaks Loose and Notches New All Time High – 8/5/2017

The breakout we have been waiting for has occurred. Bitcoin spiked today to an all time new high in huge volume! The digital currency is now training sideways with a floor of about $3100 and a ceiling of over $3300. There is plenty of room for even new highs in the days to come as the news all seems positive.

Bitcoin Cash is conversely taking it in the shorts. Trading sideways at $220 after experiencing a high of $280.


Bitcoin Holding Steady – 8/2/2017

Currently BTC is moving along nicely in a tight range.


Notice that short term resistance on the upside is about $2800, while a slump below $2600 would be a cause for concern. Considering all of the negative press lately, I would say that things are progressing quite nicely. What are your thoughts on Bitcoin? Let me know in the comments below.