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How You Think CAN Be Everything

Certification studying got you super stressed out, or maybe it is that crazy complex work project? Check out these tips for sailing through it…


Taking deep, controlled breaths really does help! There is a science behind it involving getting the brain to function better. I tend to hold my breath when stressed – that is really bad. It is deep breathing for me from now on!

Recognize Your Internal Stress

So many of us in the Information Technology field like to point fingers when we are feeling completely stressed. It is the user’s fault, our supervisor’s fault, the software vendor. Often times, we must recognize that our own stress levels are really the problem. Look within before pointing that finger!

Find Relief!

Make a list of things that work for you and be sure to take 20 minutes or so to clear your mind. I love a quick music break, posting jokes on Facebook, or even a quick Plants vs Zombies level or two.


Switch to a Gratitude List

Freaked out about everything on that To Do List? Forget about it for a bit and make a gratitude list. Run down the things you are really thankful for that day, that week, that year, that decade…it is almost sure to work for you!

Seize the Moment!

Focusing on the present can really help get yourself in a great place. Forget about the past events that are causing you stress. Stop worrying about things that might be out of your full control that may happen in the future. Really appreciate the moment you are in now. This can become a very successful habit.

Just Do It!

You would be amazing at how much energy procrastination actually takes. Forget those thoughts about why you should put off a task and just go for it. Get started. Often times for my own personal training videos I create for CBT Nuggets, it is just a matter of recording a one minute introduction and that gets the ball rolling for another great training video!

Never Take It Personally

Did someone just attack you at work? Was your boss short with you? Never take it personally. Have a conversation with yourself about why that person might have behaved that way. Often times you realize they are just lacking this blog post in their lives. 🙂

Learn to Laugh at Issues

I once recorded an entire training video, just to learn that my mic was muted and not picking up the audio. Do I throw my Wacom tablet through the window, or have a great laugh at this mishap. What do you think is better for my blood pressure? Yes, you guessed it, it is the belly laugh.

As always, thank you for reading and I sure hope some of these (or all of them), help you tremendously.