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Configuring FabricPath

Enjoy this sample Nugget from my latest CCNA Data Center course (200-155) at CBT Nuggets!


Cisco CCNA Data Center 200-155 DCICT Arrives at CBT Nuggets


It is here! So many of you have asked about this course and it is now live on the CBT Nuggets site!

Cisco CCNA Data Center 200-155 DCICT

Jeremy Cioara is still hard at work on the other CCNA Data Center course (200-150 DCICN), but keep in mind if you are a CCNA R&S, much of that course (80% or so) will be review.

This course was an incredible amount of fun to create as it covers the very latest technologies found in the modern data center. The Nuggets are as follows:

1. Introduction: The CCNA Data Center
2. Introduction: Getting Your Hands on Equipment
3. Network Virtualization: Module Introduction
4. Network Virtualization: Functional Planes
5. Network Virtualization: CoPP
6. Network Virtualization: Stateful Fault Recovery
7. Network Virtualization: Virtual Routing and Forwarding
8. Network Virtualization: Default and Mgmt VRFs
9. Network Virtualization: Virtual Device Contexts
10. Network Virtualization: VDC Resources
11. Network Virtualization: VDC Context Types
12. Network Virtualization: VDC Resource Allocation
13. Network Virtualization: Managing VDCs
14. Network Virtualization: A VDC STP Example
15. Network Virtualization: Introducing Overlay Networks
16. Network Virtualization: VXLAN
17. Network Virtualization: NVGRE
18. Network Virtualization: You Down with OTV?
19. Network Virtualization: OTV Basic Operations
20. Cisco DC Networking: FEX
21. Cisco DC Networking: FEX Options
22. Cisco DC Networking: vPC
23. Cisco DC Networking: Configuring a vPC
24. Cisco DC Networking: FabricPath
25. Cisco DC Networking: Configuring FabricPath
26. Cisco DC Networking: Unified Switch Ports
27. Cisco DC Networking: Unified Fabric
28. Cisco DC Networking: FCoE
29. Unified Computing: Virtual Machines
30. Unified Computing: Hypervisors
31. Unified Computing: Installing the ESXi Hypervisor
32. Unified Computing: Using Hyper-V
33. Unified Computing: Virtual Machine Manager
34. Unified Computing: Virtual Switches
35. Unified Computing: Creating a Standard vSwitch
36. Unified Computing: Cisco 1000V
37. Unified Computing: 1000V Operations
38. Unified Computing: Shared Storage
39. Unified Computing: Configuring Shared Storage
40. Unified Computing: vMotion and Migration
41. Unified Computing: Server Types
42. Unified Computing: UCS Components
43. Unified Computing: Hardware Abstraction
44. Unified Computing: RBAC
45. Unified Computing: Basic UCS Config
46. Unified Computing: Service Profiles
47. Orchestration: Cloud Concepts
48. Orchestration: APIs
49. Orchestration: UCS Director
50. Orchestration: UCS Director Workflows
51. ACI: Architecture
52. ACI: Fabric Discovery
53. ACI: Policy Driven Model
54. ACI: The Logical Model
55. ACI: Programmability
56. ACI: Orchestration Options

CCIE Data Center Written Exam Study Tracker


Here is the latest tracker for this exciting exam. THis is the one that is appropriate for those of us who will be testing August 30, 2018. As always – if you are viewing this on the home page – be sure to click the READ MORE button to see more than section 1.

1.0 Data Center Layer 2/Layer 3 Connectivity

1.1 Design, implement, and troubleshoot Layer 2 technologies
1.1.a Link aggregation
1.1.b Tagging/trunking
1.1.c Spanning Tree Protocol
1.2 Design, implement, and troubleshoot overlays
1.2.a VXLAN
1.2.b EVPN
1.2.c OTV
1.3 Design, implement, and troubleshoot routing protocols and features
1.3.a OSPF
1.3.b IS-IS
1.3.c BGP
1.3.d BFD
1.3.e FHRP
1.4 Design, implement, and troubleshoot multicast protocols
1.4.a PIM
1.4.b IGMP
1.5 Describe interfabric connectivity
1.5.a Multipod
1.5.b Multisite
1.6 Design, implement, and troubleshoot external fabric connectivity
1.6.a L2/L3Out
1.6.b VRF-Lite
1.7 Design, implement, and troubleshoot traffic management
1.7.a Queueing
1.7.b Policing
1.7.c Classification/marking
1.7.d RoCE

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