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CompTIA Cloud Essentials Pre-Test

Are you ready to challenge yourself with some sample CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam questions?

Here you go!

CompTIA Cloud Essentials Pretest

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Network+ N10-007 Filtering with ACLs

Enjoy this Nugget from the 2018 Network+ course from CBT Nuggets! This course is amazing as it features myself, Keith Barker, Network Chuck, and Jemery Cioara!


CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-002) Available Now at CBT Nuggets!


The CompTIA Cloud+ is an internationally recognized certification that will validate your ability to work in a cloud computing environment. This training course will teach you to configure, deploy, secure, and manage cloud technologies while preparing you for CompTIA’s Cloud+ CV0-002 exam.

CBT Nuggets is a CompTIA-approved training provider. By completing this course and submitting the appropriate documentation to CompTIA, you can earn 5 CEUs.

Check out this critical Cloud content!

1. Configuration and Deployment: Cloud Architecture
2. Configuration and Deployment: Interaction of Cloud Components
3. Configuration and Deployment: Interaction of Non-Cloud Components
4. Configuration and Deployment: Evaluation for Cloud Deployment
5. Configuration and Deployment: Automation and Orchestration
6. Configuration and Deployment: Preparing for Deployment
7. Configuration and Deployment: Execute a Deployment Plan
8. Configuration and Deployment: A Deployment Testing Plan
9. Configuration and Deployment: Analyzing Deployment Test Results
10. Configuration and Deployment: Deploying a Virtual Network
11. Configuration and Deployment: Virtual Networking in Azure
12. Configuration and Deployment: CPU and Memory Sizing
13. Configuration and Deployment: Storage Types
14. Configuration and Deployment: S3 in AWS
15. Configuration and Deployment: Provisioning Storage
16. Configuration and Deployment: Protecting and Securing Storage
17. Configuration and Deployment: AWS S3 Versioning
18. Configuration and Deployment: Workload Migration Types
19. Configuration and Deployment: Workload Migration Considerations
20. Configuration and Deployment: Extend an Infrastructure
21. Security: Policies and Compliance
22. Security: Encryption and Tunneling
23. Security: Securing the Infrastructure
24. Security: Using ACLs
25. Security: Security Groups Versus Network ACLs in AWS
26. Security: Secure a Cloud Service Model
27. Security: Automation
28. Maintenance: Applying Patches
29. Maintenance: Applying Updates
30. Maintenance: Backup and Restore
31. Maintenance: Disaster Recovery Methods
32. Maintenance: Disaster Recovery in AWS
33. Maintenance: Business Continuity
34. Maintenance: Maintenance Automation
35. Management: Forecasting Future Needs
36. Management: Allocating Cloud Resources
37. Management: Planning Provisions/Deprovisions
38. Management: Account Provisioning
39. Management: Analyze Deployment Results
40. Management: Applying Changes
41. Management: Reporting Metrics
42. Troubleshooting: A Methodology
43. Troubleshooting: Identify the Problem
44. Troubleshooting: Establish Theory of Probable Cause
45. Troubleshooting: Test the Theory
46. Troubleshooting: Establish a Plan of Action
47. Troubleshooting: Solve, Verify, Document
48. Troubleshooting: Deployment Issues
49. Troubleshooting: Capacity Issues
50. Troubleshooting: Automation-Orchestration Issues
51. Troubleshooting: Common Connectivity Issues
52. Troubleshooting: Network Troubleshooting Tools
53. Troubleshooting: Security Issues