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BGP Scalability Sample Nugget – Route Reflectors

route reflectors

This Nugget is from my BGP – Scalability course at CBT Nuggets. This is one of 6 courses I created on BGP for you! Here we examine BGP Route Reflectors.

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Wrapped the Latest BGP Module at CBT Nuggets Today!


That’s right- finished up the last Nugget today for the course below. I will post again here at the blog when the course appears on the CBT Nuggets website next week!

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) – Scalability Mechanisms

  1. Module Introduction
  2. Private AS Numbers
  3. Peer Groups
  4. Session Templates
  5. Policy Templates
  6. IBGP Scalability Issues
  7. Route Reflectors
  8. Advanced Route Reflector Designs
  9. Confederations
  10. Configuring a Confederation
  11. Introduction to BGP Communities
  12. Community Attribute Formats
  13. Well-Known Communities
  14. Extended Communities
  15. Configuring BGP Communities

Remember, this is one more BGP module to complement the existing modules currently on CBT Nuggets:

  • BGP – Basic Operations
  • BGP – Peerings
  • BGP – Advertising NLRI
  • BGP – Cisco Routing Policy Mechanism

New BGP Modules Arriving at CBT Nuggets


This should be no surprise as you know I am continuing the popular BGP training modules. Here is a recap of the modules available at CBT Nuggets now. These modules assist with all levels of Cisco and Juniper certification, as well as other certs that touch on BGP (too many to mention).

  • BGP Basic Operations
  • BGP Peerings
  • BGP Advertising NLRI

Here is the module I will be finishing this week:

  • BGP Cisco Routing Policy Mechanisms

This module consists of the following Nuggets:

  1. Module Introduction
  2. The BGP Decision Process
  3. Exploring Command Line Results
  4. InQ and OutQ
  5. IOS BGP Processes
  6. NHT, Event, and the Open Processes
  7. Table Versions
  8. Clearing BGP Sessions
  9. Soft Reconfiguration
  10. Route Refresh
  11. Using Distribute Lists
  12. Extended ACLs
  13. Using Prefix Lists
  14. Using MED

The upcoming module I will be working on is:

Scaling BGP

This is a critical topic area (obviously) and covers topics like peer groups, peer templates, communities, scaling functions, and scaling the network. This module returns to an approach of both Cisco and Juniper examples. Enjoy this new upcoming content!