Study for the Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) Written Along with Me!

ccde written study

It’s time to recertify! It seems like every time I turn around, it is time to recertify my CCIE. This year – I am going to opt for the CCDE Written as the path for the recert.

This might sound absolutely “bonkers” for most of you to read. Let’s face it – Cisco has made it VERY easy to recert by doing a variety of things these days. Stuff like passing any two tech concentration exams – or even just doing an associate cert followed by a professional cert. Sorry – don’t quote me on any of that – just going from memory after reading a bunch of options that did not really appeal to me.

I have always been really interested in the design side of the house when compared to implementation. This exam sounds great to me really.

If you are interested in studying along with me – I will be posting free stuff here throughout the journey – and I will be sharing EVERYTHING over at my site for my subscribers.

Thanks for reading and I hope your studies go as smoothly as I hope mine do 🙂


Anthony J. Sequeira

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