AWS S3 Gets Some Security Improvements 10/12/2017


Hello S3 lovers! This week, Amazon announced some nice security-related improvements for S3. Enjoy this brief recap:

  • Default Encryption – you can now set your S3 bucket to require the encryption of objects placed inside it. Of course, the big news is that you can now do this without the use of a Bucket Policy in AWS.
  • Public icons – now in your list of S3 buckets in the Web Management Console, there is a large, yellow icon which indicates if your bucket is publicly accessible based on permission (see screenshot above).
  • Cross-region replication now supports a re-write of the ACL in the destination region if desired.
  • Cross-region replication support now exists for encrypted objects using AWS KMS.
  • The detailed inventory report now provides the status of the encryption for objects. This report itself can also now be encrypted.

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