Microsoft to Alter Windows 10 Major Upgrade Program

Windows 10 Updates

Are you one of those that really starts to stress when you realize that it is Spring or Fall and your Windows 10 has just alerted you that a major update is ready for your beloved PC? I suppose you have a right to be given that many report such fun occurrences such as:

  • The update never completes
  • The update leaves the system unusable
  • The update affects hardware components – in other words – they don’t work anymore
  • The update changes features that you were accustomed to

Well, you will be thrilled to know that Microsoft is really re-thinking the twice per year major update approach. It appears they will move to a ONE MAJOR UPDATE per year approach. This would come (fittingly) in the Spring. Then the Fall update would be a minor one (perhaps fixing stuff from Spring?)

What do you think about the new plan? Let me know in the comments area below.
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3 thoughts on “Microsoft to Alter Windows 10 Major Upgrade Program

  1. Hi Anthony

    For IT guys who works in medium and big companies Windows 10 updates policies is a big headache, and I really think that Microsoft have to make a big effort in order to improve this or little by little companies are going to think about others OS

  2. Agree with Jorge. I’ve had client actually ask about Linux options for the desktop. This needs to be addressed ASAP.

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