Evolving Technologies 1.1 Free Study Resources – Cisco Live Presentations

Evolving Technologies

Here are the free Cisco Live presentation resources for the August 30, 2018 update (1.1) to the Evolving Technologies section of the Expert Level written exams.


BRKCCIE-3352 – The Next-Generation CCIE

TNKCLD-1004 – From Convergence to Cloud

BSOGEN-1002 – Cloud Security Lessons Learned

BRKCLD-2000 – Cloud Types and Security – What They Mean to You and Your Company

BRKSEC-2404 – Effective Cloud Security Made Simple – Cloud Security Reimagined with Cloudlock

BRKCLD-2008 – Multi-Cloud and Application Centric Modeling, Deployment and Management with Cisco CloudCenter

DEVNET-1179 – Migrating Cloud Applications with CloudCenter

BRKSDN-2115 – Introduction to Containers and Container Networking

BRKCRS-3811 – Cisco SD-Access – Policy Driven Manageability

BRKNMS-2309 – Introduction to NFV Orchestration Using ETSI Standard

DEVNET-1198 – CloudCenter for Developers

DEVNET-1651 – Hybrid Cloud Automation using Cisco CloudCenter API

BRKCLD-2235 – Deploy a Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Container Environment in Less than an Hour

BRKCLD-2091 – Introduction to Kubernetes on UCS

BRKNMS-2031 – APIC-EM: Evolution from Traditional Management to SDN-Led, Policy-Based Automation

SOLCLD-2012 – Journey to an Agile Cloud Infrastructure with Open Source

BRKDCN-2390 – Kubernetes Container Networking

Network Programmability

BRKDEV-2003 – Programming the Network: Let’s Get Started

BRKRST-2051 – SDN – From Concepts to Reality

BRKSDN-1903 – A Model-Driven Approach to Software Defined Networks with Yang, Netconf/Restconf

BRKNMS-2030 – Onboard Automation with Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager

BRKRST-1014 – Introduction to Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Programmability

BRKCDN-1005 – Better Network Management Through Network Programmability

Internet of Things

BRKSPM-2007 – Cisco IoT in a 5G World

BRKCRS-2116 – Know How to Deploy Enterprise IoT with Your Catalyst Switches

BRKIOT-2113 – Internet of Things for the Enterprise

BRKCRS-2444 – The Internet of Things: An Architectural Foundation and Its Protocols

BRKIOT-2020 – The Evolution from Machine-to-Machine (M2M) to the Internet of Everything: Technologies and Standards

BRKIOT-2115 – Industrial Security: IT vs. OT Deployment Practices

SOLSEC-1004 – Securing the IoT

BRKIOT-2112 – Architecting Security for the Internet of Things

BRKIOT-1432 – Cisco Kinetic – The Horizontal IoT Data Platform

DEVNET-1068 – Introduction to Developing for Cisco Kinetic – Data Control Module

BRKIOT-2129 – Understanding and Troubleshooting Edge and Fog Fabric Solution

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