Evolving Technologies 1.1 Free Study Resources – Web Links

Evolving Technologies

Here are more excellent free resources for your pursuit of the new objectives effective August 30, 2018.


Evolving Technologies Study Guide

Cisco Cloud Overview

Cisco Cloud Blogs

Cloud Security Alliance

Cloud Security Webinar

NIST Cloud Tutorial

Workload Portability – Presentation

Service Containers – Cisco Blog

SD-WAN Overview

Cisco NFV Infrastructure – Report

Migrate Applications to AWS with Cisco CloudCenter – Video

DNA Center: Base Automation – Webinar

Kubernetes Rising – Cisco Blog

Network Programmability

Simplify and Automate the Virtualized Environment – White Paper

Virtual Topology System: Build an Agile and Programmable Data Center

SDN Recorded Seminars

Simplify by Automating and Orchestrating SDN Solutions

Internet of Things

IoT Networking

Cisco IoT System

Internet of Everything – PDF Library

IoT Security

Cisco Kinetic for Industries

Cisco Kinetic Unlocks the Power of Your IoT Data – Cisco Blog

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