Cisco VIRL Raises the Node Limit

The VIRL team must be sick of all the emails begging them to raise the limits on nodes in the platform. The limit was set at 15 devices (not counting some devices like the unmanaged switch). Keep in mind that for many, a practical limit is set by the amount of RAM or CPU they possess on their host PC.

So if you are a licensed VIRL Personal Edition customer like me – on November 1, 2015, you get your limit raised from 15 nodes to 20 nodes free of charge.

If you want 30 nodes in your VIRL, this is a new product. Existing customers will get an upgrade price, holdouts will have a separate purchase price. 🙂

I have not gotten word on these costs yet.

If any of this information upsets – please don’t shoot the messenger. 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below! 0vZK6nnG_400x400

7 thoughts on “Cisco VIRL Raises the Node Limit

  1. It is a good thing – My PC should cope with 20 nodes without too much stress, do I need 30 ? Probably not but it will be interesting to see where they pitch the price. My sub runs until March 2016, if the upgrade isn’t too expensive – maybe.

    It’s a good product and the VIRL team are constantly working on it which is all you can ask. Which reminds me , more ability to annotate and add shapes like GNS3, must get back to the community and torture them for those features too 🙂

    Keep up the great site Anthony

    1. Hi Carl!

      They are going to offer current subscribers a reduced price to move to 30. I am super curious like you to see what that price will be.

      I have been Beta testing the new VM Maestro and sure enough – you are going to love the cleaner representations of topologies we can enjoy.

  2. Hello Anthony,

    We have 2 Dedicated WAN links inside our organization. Instead of keeping the links in a standby mode, we want to utilize that backup link by keeping it in Active mode. It will save costs as well as it will reduce my downtime.

    How can I link balance between multiple ISP links ?

    I am sorry I cannot find where to post this topic so I posted here.

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