CBT Nuggets Lowers Subscription Pricing!

CBT Nuggets

For IT pros today, the cost of not training is too high.

So, we’ve lowered the cost of training with us.

Unlimited training for $59 a month

Pro tip: You’ll save an extra $109 when you start an annual subscription.

Start a free week!

6 thoughts on “CBT Nuggets Lowers Subscription Pricing!

  1. Thanks for the Info, so lets say i pay $59 a month that means i can learn as many courses as I want from them with that amount???

      1. Very much appreciated Sir, do you by chance have an idea where to start if I want to do Microsft Cloud certifications especially Azure, I need them in my CV. But I cant seem to get the info I need to know which course do I start with. The articles I have read only say do MCSA, but the problem is MCSA is broad and brunched out.

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