Why I Use CBT Nuggets Training – Part 4 – Killer Features!

December 20, 2016 at 3:38 pm

CBT Nuggets

There is another reason I use CBT Nuggets to learn new technologies – actually many reasons all in one here. CBT Nuggets is consistently introducing new technologies into the site that really assist me in my learning. For example:

  • Quiz questions (shown above) for validating my minutes of learning
  • Notes that I can take that follow me from app to app
  • Bookmarks in Nuggets
  • Transcripts
  • A speed control for speeding up or slowing down the instructor
  • A pop out player so I can use my multiple monitors to the fullest
  • A memory of where I left off in a Nugget

I have become so reliant on many of these features that I get saddened when I am using any other training tool lately!

Why I Use CBT Nuggets Training – Part 3 – Killer Apps!

December 8, 2016 at 10:59 pm


What is another compelling reason I use CBT Nuggets? It is the killer apps that we know have available for most all of your mobile devices.

With my iPhone CBT Nuggets app, I can watch content that is synced with my desktop version of CBT Nuggets. I have many of the same great features, including the ability to play an instructor at a slower or faster pace.

Am I boarding a flight with no Internet access for streaming? No problem! I add the Nuggets that I want to watch to my Offline Queue so I can enjoy the content while in Airplane Mode!

With each passing quarter – our amazing developers bring their apps to new platforms. For example, last month they unveiled a killer Apple TV app for CBT Nuggets viewing.

I hope this post was informative for you, and I would like to thank you for reading!

Why I Use CBT Nuggets Training – Part 2 – the Format!

November 25, 2016 at 11:54 am

Businessmen and Clock

It seems like more than ever, there just isn’t enough time in the day for all that we want to accomplish! That is another reason I use CBT Nuggets. I crave the Nugget format!

It turns out that in the past, Nuggets were permitted to be quite long – some running as much as 60 minutes in length! This is no longer permitted for instructors. Whew.

I really love checking in to my course and learning something quickly and efficiently. I also like to be very focused on the topic at hand. So if I am in a Cisco Networking course, for example, I will not be watching 60 minutes on Layer 2 Technologies. Instead, I will be spending 10 minutes on an Introduction to Spanning-Tree Protocol. This normally fits my schedule much better, not to mention my attention span.

What is the time length of Nuggets these days? 7 to 13 minutes is what you will experience with new content. So perfect for that inevitable wait at the Dentist office.

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