Adding the ASAv to EVE-NG


I am going to need some ASAv action in EVE-NG next week for a project I am working on. Here are the steps I hope work! 😋 I grabbed these from the EVE-NG site and added my own elaboration where I thought necessary.

I will try and shoot a video of these steps next week as well.

Step 1: Acquire the asav941-200.qcow2 or asav952-204.qcow2 files for EVE-NG use

Step 2: Fire up WinSCP or FileZilla and connect to the EVE-NG IP address for FTP purposes

Step 3: Upload the appropriate .qcow2 from Step 1 to the root of the EVE-NG system

Step 4: Create the directory in EVE-NG for the ASAv image storage:

mkdir -p /opt/unetlab/addons/qemu/asav-941-200

Step 5: Move the image to that directory:

mv asav941-200.qcow2 /opt/unetlab/addons/qemu/asav-941-200/virtioa.qcow2

Step 6: Run these commands to enable Telnet access instead of VNC:

apt-get update
apt-get install libguestfs-tools
cd /opt/unetlab/addons/qemu/asav-941-200/

guestfish -a virtioa.qcow2
mount /dev/sda2 /
touch /use_ttyS0
umount /

Step 7: Clean and fix permissions:

/opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a fixpermissions

That does it! The image should now be ready for addition as a Node in the EVE-NG Web client. Happy lobbing!

7 thoughts on “Adding the ASAv to EVE-NG

  1. I bought a dell R710 just to do a bare metal eve-ng install. Worth dime and it wasn’t event that many dimes really.

  2. After doing the steps I get output:

    DEBUG: challenge_answer: b688170833ab1cea3342beeb83efcbc54f36f45625e5017195fd2460a6521253db04e22cad9557d7cceaef99329a62319d1a4a1f77aadc97abfdf133215ef44f0fea12190477a3ce88ca9f7252417ca65b4eca604ee9b493bd98bdba60066cc534318a8bde0ef625f8d1c16faf7403e4
    Apr 20 05:39:41 Apr 20 05:39:41 Online Check state: Valid

    I do not see my ASA in EVE-NG

    can someone help me??

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