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  • 1.3 Network troubleshooting
    • 1.3.a Use IOS troubleshooting tools
      • 1.3.a [i] debug, conditional debug
      • 1.3.a [ii] ping, traceroute with extended options
      • 1.3.a [iii] Embedded packet capture
      • 1.3.a [iv] Performance monitor
    • 1.3.b Apply troubleshooting methodologies
      • 1.3.b [i] Diagnose the root cause of networking issue [analyze symptoms, identify and describe root cause]
      • 1.3.b [ii] Design and implement valid solutions according to constraints
      • 1.3.b [iii] Verify and monitor resolution
    • 1.3.c Interpret packet capture
      • 1.3.c [i] Using Wireshark trace analyzer
      • 1.3.c [ii] Using IOS embedded packet capture

Important Information on Debug Commands

Extended Ping and Extended Traceroute

Cisco Device Packet Capture

Embedded Packet Capture

Troubleshooting Overview

Catalyst Switch Troubleshooting 


Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols


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