Were You Studying for Version 4 of the R&S CCIE Lab Exam?

Were you studying for the Version 4 of the R&S CCIE lab exam and you are looking for something to celebrate? Well – enjoy the fact that the following topics are gone from your lab exam!


  • Flexlink, ISL, Layer 2 Protocol Tunneling
  • Frame-Relay (LFI, FR Traffic Shaping)
  • WCCP
  • IOS Firewall and IPS
  • RGMP
  • PfR (Moved to the written exam)

Now while some of you might be tempted to say – “but wait – Frame was easy points!” – just don’t say it! Keep a “glass half full” approach and say goodbye to these technologies as you prep the new and more relevant content for your new exam.


19 thoughts on “Were You Studying for Version 4 of the R&S CCIE Lab Exam?

  1. Hi Anthony,

    I have passed CCIE written for V4. Now can I give CCIE LAB V5 directly or do I need to give written for V5 again:(.

    Also, it was mentioned that topics moved from the Lab to the written are as below. Does it mean that below topics will be no more for the CCIE lab exam.

    IPv6 Multicast
    IPv6 Tunneling
    Layer 2 QoS
    Performance Routing (PfR)

    1. Excellent – congratulations! Yes – you can move on the Version 5 lab when it is available. You will not have to retest on the v5 written.

      Correct – moved from the lab to the written means they are no longer in the lab. 🙂

      1. Thanks Anthony,

        I had given CCIE V4 written exam in Nov 2013. So do I have a year time to give CCIE V5 lab exam. i.e. do I need to give CCIE Lab exam V5 by Nov 2014.


          1. Thanks Anthony,

            1) I had given CCIE V4 written in Nov 13, so do I have total 18 months for CCIE V5 lab exam. i.e. I have time to give CCIE V5 lab approx upto May 15. Is it correct.
            2) I have seen RMON removed from V4 lab. Does it mean that SNMP is also removed.

          2. 1 – You should direct such specific cert status inquiries to the Certification Support site at – http://ciscocert.force.com/english – I would not want to be the one that gives you incorrect information in this regard.

            2 – SNMP is indeed in your Version 5 blueprint and I would expect Version 3 to be the emphasis.

  2. Hi Anthony,

    can you please tell me what’s the best switches model that I can buy for the CCIE exam

    I am looking to buy 2 3560 and 2 3550 but there are many models out there and I am not sure which is the best with the best price

    thank you

    1. The very best that you could purchase for your lab exam practice would be that exact device that Cisco has indicated they will be using. It is as follows:

      Catalyst 3560X Series switches running IOS version 15.0SE Universal (IP Services) Software release

      Now keep in mind that you can save some money by cleverly purchasing a device that can do almost all of this. A key tool when making such a purchase is the Cisco Feature Navigator found at:


  3. Hi Anthony,

    2 questions –>

    I have seen your micronugget on Cisco documentation which we get on CCIE lab exam. But according to your experience, do we really get any time to even look at it during configuration slot.

    Do you offer any CCIE Mock Lab exam for V5 and then provide grade or report.


    1. Yes – you will have time for documentation – but you should know exactly where topics are. You do not really have time to be hunting for things during the exam.

      NetMasterClass will be offering graded mock labs with score breakdowns in the new format.

  4. Hi Anthony,

    When it says that there will be no layer 2 QoS on practical exam, it means no configuration on switches like mls qos, srr queue etc and we will need only QoS config on routers which consists of class-map, policy-map and service-policy. Is this understanding correct.


    1. It means simply no layer 2 QoS. Do not make assumptions beyond that. Whatever features are found in our documentation beyond the Layer 2 QoS are certainly a possibility.

  5. Hi Anthony,

    I have two questions, First my CCNP R&S is going to expire at the coming August, so taking one of the required CCNP exams could renew my CCNP.

    Second, what is the best material to study CCIE v5 written exam as the official book will release at the end of July.

    1. For your first question – please check with Cisco Certification Support (just google that) – I do not like to answer such questions because I do not memorize these rules and would hate to answer wrong and really mess someone up.

      As far as written prep goes – the All-In-One CCIE courses at CBT Nuggets will be the way to go. We are addressing the Written and the Lab and that is why we named it All-In-One. Enjoy your studies and keep up the awesome work!

  6. Hi Anthony,

    I want to go with 7 days free trial. However it asks for credit card details for the same. Is it the case that I will be charged for some amount and then the same amount will be reversed back to me or credit card is just for authorization and I will not be charged at all.

    1. Be sure to check with our support team on this. My guess would be – you are not charged at all. Then after 7 days – you would be charged for your first month. But again – this is just an educated guess. Our support team can provide the specifics. They are available via phone, chat, and email.

  7. Hey AJS,
    I had long written off Frame Relay from CCIE v5, but today I noticed the following:

    Not that I have any temptation to spend $6000 (six GRAND!!) on this, but look under the section that says 13 Lessons on Demand: “Frame Relay (applies to CCIE written exam only)”

    What kind of chicanery is Cisco trying to pull here? 🙂

    1. That price tag is pretty hilarious! Yeah – Cisco is so foolish to hang on to Frame Relay – even in a written-only capacity.

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