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Microsoft to Alter Windows 10 Major Upgrade Program

Windows 10 Updates

Are you one of those that really starts to stress when you realize that it is Spring or Fall and your Windows 10 has just alerted you that a major update is ready for your beloved PC? I suppose you have a right to be given that many report such fun occurrences such as:

  • The update never completes
  • The update leaves the system unusable
  • The update affects hardware components – in other words – they don’t work anymore
  • The update changes features that you were accustomed to

Well, you will be thrilled to know that Microsoft is really re-thinking the twice per year major update approach. It appears they will move to a ONE MAJOR UPDATE per year approach. This would come (fittingly) in the Spring. Then the Fall update would be a minor one (perhaps fixing stuff from Spring?)

What do you think about the new plan? Let me know in the comments area below.
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Windows 10 (MD-101) Available on CBT Nuggets!

Windows 10 MD-101

The complete playlist awaits you for MD-101:


Recommended Approach to MD-100 and MD-101

Are you getting ready for the MD-100 and MD-101 exams? I highly recommend you study for both – and then take the exams back to back. There is plenty of carryover between the two exams just as we had in the last version of Windows 10 exams. Specifically, there are elements of MD-101 that make their way into MD-100! Not so much carryover in the other direction.

MD-100 can be found here:


The Full Nugget Coverage for MD-101

Here are the glorious Nuggets of knowledge that await you. These Nuggets include step-by-step demonstration, and also feature many hands-on labs where you will take control of your own Windows 10 infrastructure. The Hands-On Labs are real Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 systems! We do not do simulations!

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Windows 10 MD-101 Completes This Week!


You heard it here first! I was striving to complete all of the MD-101 training for Windows 10 at CBT Nuggets in the month of June 2019, and that is happening!

There are 5 major sections of the course. Once all five are live on the site – we will gather them together for you in the correct order in a nice MD-101 playlist.

Microsoft Windows 10: Deploy and Update

Microsoft Windows 10: Manage and Protect

Microsoft Windows 10: Policies and Profiles

Microsoft Windows 10: Manage Apps and Data

Microsoft Windows 10: Advanced Management Topics

I realize that many of you want to get started right away – so do not delay. In fact, later today – part 3 from the list above will be live on the site!

Remember, this training is about much more than Windows 10 and includes:

  • SCCM
  • Azure
  • Azure AD
  • Intune

And a bunch of other stuff I cannot recall as I type this! 🙂