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The Windows 10 Home Install from Scratch

It is time to install Windows on my new MacBook (12 inch retina display 2015). I figured I would detail the process here since many of you might be on this path as well with the new Windows arriving.

I use VMware Fusion 7 currently and I first ensured that it can handle the Windows 10 final code which apparently it can. Awesome. So I browsed over to the Microsoft Store online and found Windows 10 Home Edition for about $100. Be sure you are getting the full download version if you are setting the OS up on a new system like me. Remember, there are free upgrades available for existing Windows 7 and 8 systems, but not if you want to install the bits from scratch like me.

I was thrilled to see a very fast utility from the Microsoft Store in order to create the ISO that I need for install. Obviously the download app from Microsoft also allows the creation of a DVD for those of you that might be installing on a system from scratch using the old school method.

Microsoft has been on a huge push to simplify the installation of the Operating Systems right along with Apple over the years, and we really see this with the Windows 10 install.

Step 1 – provide your language and keyboard information:

Windows Install Step 1

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