Let’s Help A Reader! Wonky Windows 10 Display

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I stumbled across your article on how Windows boots searching for an answer to my computer problem. I am not trying to get a degree, I just want my old windows computer to work again.

I can’t find anyone that has the issue I do and every forum I have posted in seems to have a bunch of people that do not read the entire issue. I would be happy to pay you if you could help me figure this out. in a nutshell, my screen is distorted (as soon as the window’s rectangle pops up and the little circle starts spinning. not every time, but about 9 out of 10 reboots.

I get 1 good start occasionally then i never turn off the computer). here are the details:

It’s an Ibuypower series 301. It’s an older model, maybe 2011 but I like this computer. It came with windows 7 and I upgraded to windows 10 eventually with no issues.

My issue is this the screen will be all distorted as soon as windows starts to load. Immediately the windows logo will be distorted and the little circle of dots is distorted. this continues all the way until i log in and then my desktop is skewed and the mouse leaves trails all over the screen that just stay there. It’s next to impossible to read text and the resolution is like 600×800. if i shut it down and restart anywhere from 5 to 10 times, one of the times it will come up normal. It will be fine then until i have to shut it off or restart.

If i just put it to sleep it stays ok. (I dread any updates that make me restart). This has been going on for over a year.

I have seen many people say something about error code 43, but no one’s screen looks like mine or is distorted to this extreme.

I have an M68MT-S2P motherboard, GT440 Graphics card. here is what i have done so far: replaced drivers (dozens of times), swapped the video card, with a different brand gt440 and then swapped it with a GTX560, i have replaced the 8 gb crucial ballistix memory with identical, i have replaced the AMD Phenom II X6 1100T – 3.3 GHz processor with identical, i have upgraded the power supply, i have tried a different monitor, DVI and HDMI cable, removed the all the pci cards and disconnected the fans. to be honest, the CPU fan and case are the only things i haven’t changed. So then i bought a SSD HD and did a clean install of Windows 10, it booted correctly once, and then the second time the exact same distortion came up again. I just ordered an AMD Radeon card to see if that does anything different. Also, i have noticed that when it comes up distorted, I get the error code 43 on the video card, and on the HD audio I get error code 10.

I don’t use this for gaming, it’s not been overclocked or anything like that ever. I don’t know the name of the screen that comes up initially, it looks like DOS and is black and white and has all the information about the computer, it is never distorted. As soon as it goes away, that’s when I can tell if I will have a successful boot or not. the windows symbol and the little circle will be distorted or not. if it’s normal then there’s a pretty good chance it will be a successful boot unless the computer hangs up. Also, I have tried booting in safe mode and that screen is distorted also.

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    1. no, and it didn’t have an issue with windows 10 for a couple of years. I have an update, i replced the nvidia card with a AMD RX460 and it is working good now as long as i use the microsoft basic display driver. if i switch to the amd driver the screen goes totally distorted. this is actually backwards from what was happening with the nvidia graphics cards.

  1. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS “Focal Fossa,” which was released on April 23, 2020. Turn on your firewall after installation with the command “sudo ufw enable”, most of the tools are free to download and to install. There has not been a single widespread Linux virus or malware infection of the type that is common on Microsoft Windows.

    You got the hint I hope, I would definitely switch over to Linux and that would be Ubuntu, because Ubuntu is straigthforward and simple to install, you can even do a fake install and try it out and switch back to your “Windows” or install it on an usb. You have now the chance to get rid of windows and believe me, I am windows 2000 certified MCSE I liked windows for a long time but Linux beats Windows. By the way you can check out if the distortion is still coming back and can rule out the cabling from the monitor to the computer because you didn’t mention you replaced the monitor cables and or connectors or not using the same old cables, I know you replace the graphics card and also the monitor but what about the cables or connectors.

    Okay Success budy!!!

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