New Course Coming! AWS Solutions Architect – Networking Services


I have a new CBT Nuggets course wrapping up this week that is super exciting for those interested in AWS (especially certification). It is the AWS Solutions Architect – Networking Services course and it sits along with the already completed Compute and Storage Services courses. This networking course is so important because it features content found in all the major Associate Level AWS certifications! Here is the current list of Nuggets that the course will feature. I look forward to your comments below!

  1. Course Introduction
  2. What is a VPC?
  3. Meet the Default VPC
  4. Creating a Custom VPC
  5. Testing a Custom VPC
  6. Stateful Security Groups
  7. Working with Private Subnets
  8. NAT in AWS
  9. Network ACLs
  10. Components of the Global Infrastructure
  11. Route 53
  12. CloudFront
  13. VPNs
  14. Direct Connect
  15. Web Application Firewall
  16. Directory Services
  17. Disaster Recovery

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