AWS Refreshes Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam

Solutions Architect

With the Beta exam out in late 2017, we certainly knew this day was coming. AWS has announced a new refresh on their most popular certification – the Solutions Architect – Associate.

Since AWS is simply in love with the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) approach to learning, I thought I would use that format for the details you need to know about this refresh.

  • Q: Can I still take the “old” exam? I am almost done with my prep for that version!
    • A: You can take the “old exam” still if you like – the last day to test on the old exam is August 11, 2018.
  • Q: Where can I find the “old” exam blueprint?
    • A: You can find that here.
  • Q: Where can I find the new exam blueprint?
    • A: You can find that here.
  • Q: If I want to register for the new exam – how is it identified?
    • A: While both exams are live, you will note the title of the new exam includes data information – “AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate (Released February 2018)”
  • Q: Is the new exam tougher?
    • A: No – I would say that overall the new exam is easier. Keep in mind it is updated to cover newer services, however.
  • What about the modules at CBT Nuggets for Solutions Architect – Associate? Which exam do those Nuggets cover?
    • A: The modules at CBT Nuggets address the “old” exam. On August 12, 2018, the Nuggets will be refreshed to map directly to the new exam. Note on that date, there will only be one exam live – the new exam.
  • I would love to start studying right now for the new exam. Are there any free materials available right now?
    • A: By far – this homepage of resources is extremely valuable for preparation: click here

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