Who is Hacking Who?

China is upset with US claims that hacking attacks are being sponsored by the Chinese Government. Check out the full story here. Notice the very interesting statistics on hacking highlighted in this article!

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CCENT Challenge 1 – Host to Host Communication

Examine the graphic below:



Snow_White sends a packet to Grimm. Grimm then responds with a packet to Snow_White. What is the source IP and source MAC address of this packet when it arrives at Dopey? Answer in the form of : IP address of Fa0/0 of Grumpy and MAC address of Fa0/3 of Happy.

Good luck – you will find the answer posted in the comments section of this blog.

Facebook Hit with “Watering Hole” Style Attack

In the CCNA Security discipline, we learn about many different security attacks. These include such common issues as Reconnaissance Attacks and the dreaded Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. It is understandable that new day zero (brand new and unknown) attacks are always going to take place.

Want a real world example? Facebook just experienced some new day zero problems centered around a class of attack known as a Watering Hole attack. This is where a popular Web site used by an organization is attacked and is able to infect systems that visit that site. This is certainly a scary proposition, especially when you consider that Facebook computers that were infected were fully patched to protect against all known attacks.

Want to read the complete story? I hope you do – check it out here:

Wall Street Journal: Facebook – We Were Hacked But Don’t Panic