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Bitcoin Holding Steady – 8/2/2017

Currently BTC is moving along nicely in a tight range.


Notice that short term resistance on the upside is about $2800, while a slump below $2600 would be a cause for concern. Considering all of the negative press lately, I would say that things are progressing quite nicely. What are your thoughts on Bitcoin? Let me know in the comments below.

Fork This: Bitcoin Price Surviving the Fork – 8/1/2017

So far so good for Bitcoin and international news of the fork. Check out today’s chart so far. Notice how there was some jittery, high volume selling on 7/31/2017. This action saw a low price of approximately $2600. Since then, plenty of grabbing (at a recent discount) has occurred to send the price action back upward. This is certainly signs of health in the BTC market. Woohoo!


Certainly for consideration is can $3000 be broken for a sustained interval. Time will tell!