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CCIE R&S Personal Training has finally arrived at and features:

  • Daily content (quizzes, posts, checklists, videos, lab task challenges)
  • Private Slack chat workspace access
  • The latest news (and even rumors) surrounding the CCIE R&S exams and material
  • Valuable, downloadable resources including study tools and software
  • Live meeting sessions
  • Checkpoint assessments to validate readiness in exam areas
  • Members-only forum access
  • Private email access to our trainer(s)
  • Special offers from partners

Before joining with either membership option below – make sure you have completed our Preregistration form so we can get to know you initially.  It is found here:

CCIE R&S Personal Coaching – Preregistration Open!

Once you subscribe – be sure to complete registration and establish your username and password. This link is emailed to the email address you used during payment. Thanks!

Here is the button you need for PayPal Subscriptions on a monthly basis. Introductory rate $9.95 per month:

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Rates may change, but your subscription guarantees you that rate for the life of the program.

IMPORTANT: You will get an email after payment that has a registration link to set your site username and password. Thanks!