Latest CBT Nugget Skill in Development – Cisco VIRL!

August 29, 2019 at 6:56 pm

Cisco VIRL

As part of the exciting new Cisco Next Level Certifications prep for 2020, Chuck Keith, Keith Barker, Jeremy Cioara and myself have decided to begin with skills that walk you through the various hands-on lab options for Cisco students. As a result, we will have skills for you at CBT Nuggets covering Packet, Tracer, GNS3, and of course, Cisco VIRL.

I will have this skill complete and published on the site in the next week or so. Here is the current proposed Nugget lineup. Not seeing something you really want to be covered? No problem – let me know in the comments here!

Thanks for reading, and may all your VIRL emulations be bright!

Use Cisco VIRL 1.X for Hands-on Practice

  1. Why Use Cisco VIRL 1.X?
  2. VIRL Components and Setup Options 
  3. Installing Cisco VIRL in an OS
  4. Installing Cisco VIRL in ESXi
  5. Installing and Touring VM Maestro
  6. Configuring Devices “From Scratch” in VIRL
  7. Creating Auto Configured Emulations 
  8. Connecting VIRL to Real Gear and Networks 
  9. Troubleshooting Common VIRL Issues 
  10. Cisco VIRL – Final Thoughts