Updates to AWS for April 10, 2018

April 10, 2018 at 9:28 am


Enjoy the latest updates from AWS!

Compute AWS Lambda Supports Node.js v8.10
Compute Amazon EBS Adds Support for Tagging EBS Snapshots Upon Creation and Resource-Level Permissions
Compute AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) Implementation is Now Open-source
Storage Amazon S3 Select Is Now Generally Available
Storage Announcing S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access, a New Amazon S3 Storage Class
Storage Amazon EFS Now Supports Encryption of Data in Transit
Storage AWS Storage Gateway VTL (Tape Gateway) is available in Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region
Storage AWS Snowball Edge Now Available in Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region
Networking Amazon API Gateway Supports Resource Policies for APIs
Networking Amazon API Gateway Supports Cross-Account AWS Lambda Authorizers and Integrations
Management Tools Amazon CloudWatch Adds Route 53 Logs to Vended Logs
Management Tools Amazon CloudWatch Metric Math
Management Tools New Multi-Account, Multi-Region Data Aggregation Capability in AWS Config
Security Introducing AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority
Security Introducing AWS Firewall Manager
Security Introducing AWS Secrets Manager
Machine Learning Amazon SageMaker has Open Sourced TensorFlow 1.6 and Apache MXNet 1.1 Docker Containers with Support for Local Mode, and More Instance Types Across All Modules
Machine Learning Amazon Rekognition Improves Accuracy of Real-Time Face Recognition and Verification
Machine Learning Amazon Translate is Now Generally Available
Machine Learning Amazon Transcribe is Now Generally Available
Machine Learning Apache MXNet Model Server Adds Container Support for Scalable Model Serving
Analytics AWS Glue is now available in the Asia Pacific (Singapore) AWS region
Analytics Amazon Elasticsearch Service Simplifies User Authentication and Access for Kibana with Amazon Cognito
Business Amazon WorkDocs Drive Is Now Available for Microsoft Windows Users
IoT AWS Greengrass ML Inference – Now Generally Available